The Ripple Effect

Throw a rock into a lake. Watch the wake of the impact as it ripples out in a perfect circle. Without being obstructed these tiny waves will travel farther then most would imagine.

Now imagine something that has made an impact in your life. For the better or worse. When you’re hit by an Idea or with inspiration you have the opportunity to transmit this new realization creating further ripples into the future. Wether it was a positive or negative experience, you can chose to radiate it spreading it far beyond, or absorb it, grounding it out and effectively stopping the wake. These are your options.

Many people have told me “to change the world one must only change themselves.“”Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

I have changed and will continue to evolve throughout my life’s journey. I feel when a more sane world finally comes into being most people will naturally ground out negativity and encourage the spread of positive and productive energy.

I was having a conversation with a colourful cosmic hippie type person the other day and he said something that really got to me. He said “emotions are like waves, you can choose which ones to ride and which ones to let pass”

Ride the wave that feel good, the ones that feel right. Feed growth and productivity. Share the positive ideas that gently ripple into your cosmic ocean of awareness. Ideas can change the world. But, progressive, passionate indaviguals make all the difference because they’re the ones that spread the message; They’re the ones that generate the mythical ripple effect.

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