About Me

My Name is Jesse O’Leary

I was 19 when I had a powerful life changing realization. A profound rebirth on a scale that is hard to explain or even comprehend as I’m not a religious person. Through this experience I found myself and my life meaning. It was on that day I chose to dedicate the following decade of my life to bring greater awareness to the major issues humanity faces and the solutions that are present.

This is why I have decided to run. I’m driven by the hopes of making the world a better place. A place where parents have more time to spend with their kids. Kids have access to a more relevant education and are encouraged to follow their interests. The elderly are respected and well taken care of. A world where innovators have free access to knowledge, resources and equipment they need to improve the world for everyone. And, vital volunteers are much better supported within their communities.

Humanity could be doing much better. I see directions we could take to improve our social, economic and environmental situations.

This is why I’m running.

Early in my journey to improve the world I realized it’s easier to make a positive impact if one is an inspirational individual. This realization inspired my path of self development. I have only picked up the pace sinse my early 20s. I will implement all of my skills in order to forge a rememberable impact during this campaign.