About Me

My Name is Jesse O’Leary

I was 19 when I had a powerful life changing experience. On that day, I lost enjoyment from many of the distractions we are bombarded with. Distractions that most of us need to unwind at the end of the day. It was on that day, I chose to dedicate my life to bring greater awareness to the solutions to the major issues we are collectively facing.

I’m driven to build a better world. A place where parents have more time to spend with their kids. Where kids have access to more relevant education and are encouraged and enabled to follow their interests and dreams. A world where the elderly are respected and well taken care of until the last moment of life. A global society where innovators have free access to knowledge, resources and the equipment they need to improve the world for everyone.

Intelligently designing the future is where I’ve decided to focus my energy.

We Are All In This Together.

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