Climate Change

I have discovered an alarming pattern. Most older folks are less inclined to “believe” in climate change. As if it was something other then fact. This realization is alarming because these are the people most engaged wth our political system. They are the voters and the candidates. They have the final say over the direction of our planet and fact is – these old farts won’t be here for much longer – Perhaps dooming the rest of us, to a run away green house effect, do to their ignorance.

If you have some lovely old people in your life that could use some more convincing here is a playlist that could help

Luck for us there are countless really cool things happening around the world that could turn this disaster around. New forms of transportation such as Maglev Trains, Electric Cars and other Alternative Vehicles. There is an Energy Revolution and it is gaining momentum very quickly. Multiple countries and corporations are moving forward with sustainable projects. So when will we stop chasing fossil fuels and start creating progressive jobs that will secure a healthy future for our children?

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