Coal Mining

Coal Mining is a touchy topic. There are pros and cons. Understanding the issue is key. I’m not sure if I completely can wrap my head around it. It’s hard to stay oblivious to the devastation of mountaintop removal and everyone knows that burning coal for power is dirty. But, we have to be realistic here. Coal is a major factor in the manufacture of steel… Below is a group of videos explaining diverse perspectives.

Coal is need to produce steel, so it must be mined. But, only the higher grades of coal are useful for this application, I feel the lesser grades should be left in the ground. We can use renewable energy sources to produce electricity, we don’t need to be burning coal. In fact we need to stop burning coal!

As for the mining of the higher grade coal, I would like to see mountaintop removal be more responsible and forward thinking in their practice of reclaiming the land. Once a mountain is turned into rubble there is no possible way that it can be put back the way it was. This is an unrealistic endeavour. However, once the land has been brought down to this solid foundation something progressive could easily be done with it.

I imagine the possibility to build massive self-sustaining earth ship style cities. Projects like these could literally create thousands of long term jobs. Proposing to build such a structure may seem like a crazy nonsense idea to some, But I would say such people are not critically evaluating the pros and cons of such projects. Such critics are not looking at the larger situation we are facing globally.

Another Idea would be to create the foundation for a Gigafactory.

I’m not sure the kootenays would be the best place for such a project as other countries are excited about the idea of partnering up with Elon Musk and building them in their back yards.

What I would like to get through to everyone is there are better ways to be doing things. Mountaintop removal will not stop over night, but how we go about managing the land that has already been disturbed could change. There are little pros to piling up the rubble left behind and planting some grass and saying “Look we fixed it”. From my prospective using the foundations left behind from this destructive practice to build amazing new projects such as sustainable cities or progressive factories is the best way to turn a negative impact into a positive one.

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