haha sorry, just joking. I don’t except donations. The best way for you to help this movement is by sharing. Talk to your friends and family. Talk to the people you work with and people on the street. People need to know what kind of person I am, what I’m willing to offer and how I plan to go about solving our problems locally.

I’ve chosen not to except monetary donations for my campaign because I don’t agree with how much tax payer dollars are being thrown into elections. Just google it. On average the NDP and the Liberal parties of BC drop around $50,000 each per riding. There are 87 ridings in BC that’s approximately $8,700,000 spent for these two parties. NDP and Liberals are the two biggest spenders in BC, but with the expense of the other parties the total cost for a general election is closer to 10 million.

As a citizen if you donate $100 to a political party you receive 75% back when you do your taxes… So basically 7.5 million dollars of tax payer money is spent on election campaigns throughout the provence. Yes, your money is being spent on yard signs and childish TV ads. This is politics today. It’s sad… We need to do things differently.

I don’t know about you, but with that kind of money every 4 years I could completely transform our provence for the betterment of all people and the environment that we depend on. I could refine the whole economy… I could make education free for everyone… I could do many productive things for our provence.