The efficiency of our public school system could benefit greatly from remodelling. Our public schools need more money and more community involvement. We need to open the schools that have bin closed and look for alternative ways to help reduce the monetary overhead of keeping them open. Such as using biomeilers to heat them as opposed to fossil fuel sources. Here is a look at how many perceive present public schooling.

Some parents are getting fed up just read this article

Many intellectuals talk about new forms of education that involve engaging the community at a higher level. This would enable students to experience a funner more relevant learning experience. There are a lot of opportunities to develop better methods of educating our kids. We should be taking a more progressive aproceh in our public schools. Here are a couple videos on the idea.

There are many progressive learning opportunities out there. Some are held in class rooms such as STEAM and Waldorf but many more are based online and designed for homeschooling such as Self-Design and Jam. I’m sure there are many more options out there too. If you know of any please post a link in the comments below.

When I talk about more community involvement I’m referring to creating a new form of educational economic system, an Edgenomic System. In an edgenomic system students of all ages can better themselves and add value to their community. This system would allow students to progress through a levelling system. As they level up they will be offered more freedom and responsibility in the class. This involves taking on less experienced students and moving up into a payed position in the organization. I would deem these new organizations  Educational-Factories/Shops/Studios/Restaurants and so on.

Creating an edgenomics system would be a major contributor to building a sustainable community. It would add tremendous value to our communities. I’m concerned with the relevant education of students young and old. Not with the monetary well being of educational institutions. Education should be free. End of story.

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