BC’s Forestry industry is massive. Economically it brings in around 13 billion annually from it’s exports. It employs tens of thousands of people throughout the province and it’s in need of a complete overhaul. If you have time please watch all the videos below and you should understand why I feel this way.

Don’t miss understand my position. I’m NOT against forestry, I understand how important it is for the people of BC and our economy. However, we NEED to address how we are going about it. Climate change must be taken seriously and having a forestry industry that releases over 40million tons of carbon a year and only captures 4million tons in products, is unacceptable.

I imagine a forestry industry that focuses more on end products and less on raw exports. Shifting the industry in this way would produce tens of thousands of more jobs to the province. I imagine industry that brings in over 20 Billion a year in exports. I’ll work towards establishing a more responsible industry that uses ALL of the trees they cut down in one way or another.

Meaning no more massive slash piles. No more 40 million+ tons of poetical going up in smoke. I want to see an industry that captures over 40 million tons of carbon a year and releases around  4 million. An industry that replants a Forest, not just a crop.

We need to reevaluate and restructure BC’s Forestry industry!

I know we can do it.

Local wood workers could be encouraged to offer mentorship programs to the people in their communities. Logging companies could be subsidized to bring out the lower grade material and deliver it to wood workers that would make good use of it, such as creating funky rustic furniture (I’m not suggesting cutting more trees down for this, I’m suggesting saving trees from being burn in massive slash piles)

Some would argue that the “majority” of the wood being burnt in slash piles is not usable or worth the time or energy to bring out of the forest. Even so there are much better ways to deal with this material. It could be used to build hugekultur beds on site or chipped and used to build Biomeilers to heat local buildings. If you have never heard of these to methods watch these videos below.

Here is an article on another idea

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