Health Care

One of the biggest issues here is that people are influenced through adds, accessibility and connivance to eat unhealthy foods. Junk food and fast food have a massive influence due to their capital. They influence our government to support them. The influence the large majority of people to eat their crap regardless of the health repercussions! Seems that people don’t know enough to make educated decisions on their diet. So working to better educate the public is the number method to prevent unnecessary deceases.

I’m completely agains the “war on drugs”. This is the most insane & barbaric aproceh to “deal” with this issue. Addicts need help, support and compassion from their community, government and law informant. Condemning, arresting and in-prisoning someone for having an uncontrollable addiction to a substance that is harming them is a brutal method that just makes a tough situation worse. Watch these videos to understand why I feel this way.

When it comes to a complete policy on health care, I relate to Andrew Weaver and the green party. In Victoria I will be working with him very closely. Here’s a link to the greens health care policy. Lots to read there.