I’ve recently become aware of the alarming stats of our wild life preservation budget. It’s ridiculously low, almost non-existent. As a provence we need to invest more into the preservation of our natural environment.

Climate change due to human activity is not up for debate any longer it is fact! Understand!

Luck for us there are countless really cool things happening around the world that could turn this disaster around. There is an Energy Revolution and it is gaining momentum very quickly. Many countries and corporations are moving forward with sustainable projects. It’s time we stop putting the survival of humanity at risk and start creating progressive jobs that will secure a healthy future for our children? I know we can grow our economy while reducing our footprint.

In the Nelson-Creston riding there is massive potential to grow our eco truism community and attract all sorts of extremely talented people into the area to work on transformative technologies.

Lets get our heads out of our asses…

So shit like the Mount Polley mine disaster stops happening!

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